General Services

Fairfax Firearms Repair is a full service gunsmithing shop; we do all work in house.

Labor rate (per man hour)$50.00
Labor rate (per man & machine hour)$55.00
Minimum charge per job$25.00
Clean & Oil Customer Gun
This involves completely stripping the firearm and cleaning and inspecting all parts for wear and tear and metal surfaces are treated with a rust inhibiting oil.
$45.00 - $65.00

Re-Bluing & metal Refinishing

Basic Sand Blast & Hot Caustic Blue$100.00
Machine Polish & Hot Caustic Blue$150.00
Hand Polish & Hot Caustic Blue$225.00
Slow Rust Blue$275.00
Nitre Blue (per piece)$50.00-$150.00
Sand Blast & Baking Lacquer/Powder Coat$100.00
Color Case Hardening$200.00-400.00
Re-finish Damascus barrels to restore pattern$350.00
Draw File to remove pits before refinishingPer Hour Rate
Nickel Plating

Stock Work & Wood Refinishing

Shorten Buttstock and Install Recoil Pad (not including
the price of pad)
Glass Bed 1 piece stock$75.00
Pillar and Glass Bed Stock$125.00
Factory Style Refinish$120.00
Deluxe Refinish$240.00

Sight Work

Sight in Customer gun (DOES NOT include cost of ammo)$60.00
Drill & tap barrel or receiver for sights (per hole)$15.00
Cut dovetail in barrel$75.00
Solder on sight ramp (does NOT include ramp prices)$50.00
Replace pistol sights (does NOT include price of sights)$35.00
Install colored sight insert$50.00
Install bead on shotgun (does NOT include price of bead)$35.00

Barrel & Action Work

Chamber and fit barrel to action (does NOT include
cost of barrel or re-bluing)
Install liner in barrel (does NOT include cost of liner)$100.00
Tune and smooth trigger$90.00
Cut and re-crown muzzle$75.00
Port barrel$100.00
Thread Muzzle Brake (does not include price of brake)$95.00
Weld on new bolt handle$100.00

Shotgun Work

Lengthen forcing cone (per barrel)$60.00
Remove dents from barrel$75.00
Polish chamber/bore (per barrel) $50.00
Install screw in choke (per barrel)$90.00

Handgun Work

Revolver action job (does NOT include
replacement parts)
Fit new cylinder (does NOT include
the cost of cylinder)
Super Blackhawk long bbl

Super Blackhawk Dark Grey Parkerized 4

Restored Parker 4

Restored Parker 6

Colt 1903 Pocket Niter Blue 2

Beretta 1932 re-blued