About Us

I have been a gunsmith for over 30 years. I worked at Century Arms for 16 years and was their head gunsmith. While working at Century Arms I started Fairfax Firearms Repair in 2002; part time doing out of warranty repairs for Century Arms. In 2010 I became so busy that it made it difficult to work a full time job at Century and for myself; I resigned from Century and devoted my time and efforts to my business. Since Fairfax Firearms Repair started full time we have repaired, restored and built approximately 1500 guns.

We not only repair modern military style rifles built by Century Arms and other manufacturers, but we also repair and restore firearms from all eras. We are perfectly comfortable working on firearms from muzzleloaders to the most modern. While our utmost efforts go into repairing your firearms, sometimes we make mistakes , but do not worry, if your firearm is not repaired to your satisfaction we will be happy to make it right for you on our dime.

At Fairfax Firearms Repair we are extremely thankful for the sacrifices that our Military personnel make to keep us safe, as well as the sacrifices of our Law Enforcement community, to that end we have discounts available to active duty and retired members of the Military and Law Enforcement.

When you contract to have us build a rifle for you, we promise to make it to your satisfaction. We take pride in our service to make sure that you are satisfied.

If you do not see the services that you are looking for on our web page; just ask and chances are that we can do it. We also have the ability to duplicate hard to find or impossible to find parts to fit your firearm.

We proudly support the following organizations, NRA, NMLRA, AGA, SASS and ACGG